Community Bonus Pack 3

DM-CBP3-Maidenlike release

This level was originally prepared for the CBP3 Volume 5 release but ran out of time before the release date.
Grab it from the download section.

Have fun!


Epic Games Posts UT3 Sale to Celebrate CBP3v5

Epic has posted a sale on the PC version of Unreal Tournament 3 and the Unreal Deal Pack, making both 66% off on Steam in recognition of the release of CBP3 Volume 5 and the 13th birthday of Unreal Tournament 1. Go get it if you need another copy, and make sure to download the CBP3 packs to play with it! (At $6.79, it might be worth buying for your friends as well...)

Happy fragging!

UT3 Sale on Steam

CBP3 Volume 5 Released

It's here! In celebration of UT1's 13th birthday and UT3's 5th birthday, we're releasing the 5th volume of CBP3, containing 1 character, 5 DM maps, 3 CTF maps, and 1 VCTF map for UT3. Check out the screenshots below (more on the content page) and head over to the download page to try it out!

CBP3 Volume 5

CBP3 Volume 5 Release Date

All the maps are officially finished, so barring any last-minute hold-ups we are on track to package everything up and release on Friday, November 23rd, in celebration of the 13th anniversary of UT's release date for PC (Nov. 23, 1999) and the 5th anniversary of UT3 (Nov 19, 2007 in the US and Nov 22, 2007 in EU/CAN)!

A few more screenshots for you...

CTF-CBP3-Raed by nELsOn
DM-CBP3-SpaceIt by raz
VCTF-CBP3-InDust by GreenLoves

Announcing CBP3 Volume 5

We're back in force with a new map pack to celebrate the 13th anniversary of UT and 5th anniversary of UT3! In November, we'll be delivering about 10 new maps and the previously-released Hyora character. Here's the reason you've been looking for to get a little nostalgic; we hope you'll join us in reinstalling UT3 and getting some frag-fests going with our old friends.

In the mean time, a couple of teaser screenshots to whet your appetite...

CTF-CBP3-Unikon by sklare
DM-CBP3-Alpu by sklare
DM-CBP3-Vicinity by evilmrfrank
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