CBP: Legacy

The CBP project began in 2003 as an endeavour to create a small bonus pack for Unreal Tournament 2003. The community's best talent joined together to unify their best work into one project, and as the time went on, the project grew into something far more significant, with more and more of the best Unreal talent joining the team. The map count went from a small handful to a fully-fledged professional-level bonus pack - the first CBP.

With the release of UT2004, the team decided once more to unite and create a second pack, christened the CBP2. This gargantuan effort contains no less than 41 maps, 2 player models, 6 skins and 3 mutators, split into 2 separate volumes. The 2 packs also again obtained 'Ownage' status in UT2004.

The original UT2003 CBP has also been re-packaged for use in UT2004. We hope you have fun playing with our content.