CBP Legacy: Press

UT2004 Ownage

Volume 1
'The first Community Bonus Pack was top-notch and the second pack continues the tradition. Nearly ever map in this wonderful collection is close to commercial quality. The best of the bunch would have to be DM-CBP2-KHRONO, however. This stellar one on one map plays as well as it looks. The map flows well, the lighting is gorgeous and the attention to detail is astonishing. This pack will keep tournament fans busy until the wee hours of the morning.'
Volume 2
'The second mammoth volume of the second Community Bonus Pack has been unleashed upon us and it is a doozy. Nearly every level in this pack is top notch, especially the urban themed 'Tensile Steel'. There are piles of custom content in this pack, not only in the levels but also in the form of music, characters, and even some mutators. True, the download size is heavy, but this pack is most certainly worth the wait.'

PC Gamer UK

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Featured in the 'Mods of UT2004' article.


'Featured Mod'

CliffyB's Ownage

'The 0wnage website is easy to maintain whenever talented developers get together and compile a compilation such as this!

The Community Bonus Pack is a top notch, retail quality bunch of levels made by some of the best and brightest mapping minds in the Unreal community. Every map in here is AAA stuff!

I'm especially fond of DM-CBP-ARKANOS; it reminds me of the original DM-RADIKUS from Unreal. Also of note is the tight DM-CBP-DOWNGRAVE by our old pal Clawfist. Looks like Clawfist has really come into his own with the new tech. Finally, CTF-CBP-BETRAYAL is a medium sized, good looking, fun CTF arena.

People are going to get hired because of this release, mark my words!'

PC Gamer