New maps announcement!

It's been a while since we released the first volume of the CBP3, and now we have the pleasure of announcing 3 new maps in development for future volumes! These 3 new maps are still WIP,but look forward to their appearence in CBP3 Volume 2.

We present to you two remakes of CTF maps from UT99, CTF-Arean23 by KaMi and CTF-Vengeance by N3odoc. Both maps were made by the same authors for UT99. We also have an all-new DM map: DM-Decay by Evilmrfrank.

Check content section for more information.


Wow nice work, in 2 months

Wow nice work, in 2 months the maps have the appearance of a final release. Good remakes that, I'm really interested in CTF-Arean23 because I don't play it in the UT1. Keep up the good work guys!


w00t! The two CTF maps look

The two CTF maps look impressive! Brown is nextgen by the way...
Keep the good work, guys!

You guys rock, thanks for

You guys rock, thanks for keeping the community alive..


Looking Sha-weet! 8D

Looking Sha-weet! 8D

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